Our Ellettsville Police Department...

The Ellettsville Police Department is now at 1406 W. Temperance St., in Ellettsville, Indiana. The staff is well equipped and well trained to handle the public safety needs of the Ellettsville community. With 9 full-time and 3 part-time officers and a well established reserve unit, consisting of 15 Deputy Marshals, they patrol the streets and protect the citizens day and night. The Police Department is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to assist the public with reports and gun permits.


Ellettsville Police Officers are Marshal Anthony Bowlen, Chief Deputy Marshal Jay Humphrey, Sgt. Russell Harris, Sgt. Craig Davis, Officer Eric Chaudion, Officer Alva 'AJ' Bohall, Officer Travis Perian, Officer Zachary Michael, Officer Mark Freeman, Officer David Drake, Officer Alec Leggio, and Officer Jared Myers.

Each full-time officer and part-time officer are Indiana Law Enforcement Academy state certified, while the reserve officers have all completed their mandatory 40-hour pre-basic course. The officers are active in the community in many ways, both on and off duty. The department's police vehicles are equipped with radios, radar, and video cameras to better assist the officers in traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, and also in the prosecution of criminal charges filed against violators.

The Police Department is always ready to serve and welcomes the challenges posed by a growing community.